Pigging system

Companies in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry require expedient process technologies that are automatable and documentable, which save costs, energy and time, provide a high level of product safety and also promote the process flexibility. Proven solutions for this are more sought after than ever.

The pigging system is the answer to all these requirements. It can be integrated into existing installations without any problems. Aseptic pigs do the work – elaborate and costly rinsing of equipment belongs to the past. Thus reproduction, automation, small batch numbers and intermediate storage of raw materials are easily implemented.

The URESH pigging system for the cleaning of process installations saves valuable raw material by completely recovering it. The need of costly cleaning agents, which mostly causes a high water consumption for rinsing and results in a large waste water volume and consequently high waste disposal costs, are cut to a minimum.

  • optimal resource usage
  • higher process  safety and quality insurance
  • minimal production-resources and disposal costs
  • increased plant and system availability
arrow increase of economic efficiency in production!

Die Hygieneanforderungen und der Kostendruck innerhalb der lebensmittelverarbeitenden Industrie werden immer höher. Die speziell für die hygienische und aseptische Lebensmittel- und Pharma-Industrie entwickelten URESH-Molchsysteme (patentiert, EHEDG zertifiziert) bieten eine optimale, flexible und einzigartige Lösung für den Produktionsprozess von flüssigen und pastösen Produkten. Verlustfreier Produktausstoss aus Rohrleitungen, Minimierung von Reinigungs- und Produktionskosten, Produkt- und Prozesssicherheit, Anlagenverfügbarkeit sind einige der Vorteile, die ein URESH-Molchsystem bietet.


The URESH pigging systems consist of specifically matched components that meet the needs of the process industry.


URESH Sending-/Receiving-Station:

  • Available in stainless steel 304 or 316L

  • Modular design without or with rinsing, CIP and SIP connection

  • Alternatively available in a hygienic or aseptic version for easy cleaning and sterilization

  • Internal pneumatic cylinder

  • Automatic rinsing, CIP or SIP cleaning during production process

  • Completely enclosed stations

  • EHEDG certification


URESH Aseptic Pigs

  • No-porous, smooth, polished and easy to clean surface

  • CIP and SIP capable (up to 140° C)

  • Internal Magnets

  • Maximum magnetic field size (possible detection through double-walled pipes)

  • magnetic field not affected by sterilization process

  • FDA approved materials with a migration test (certificate)

  • Patented Design 




Technical Information

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(without ball valve)






(with ball valve)







(without ball valve)





(with ball valve)


The by URESH AG developed pigging-system-calculator is the key to prepare feasibility studies for the pig cleaning.

The URESH AG pigging-system-calculator can be applied to existing and new facilities shows the potential savings based on a cost / benefit analysis.

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