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URESH AG has established itself as a specialist in the aseptic cleaning technology for the process industries.

Specifically, the pigging system (patented), with the specially developed aseptic pig with sending / receiving stations, allows customers in innovative ways to optimize the production process and its quality while realizing a high cost-saving potential.

CIP systems, as the most famous URESH AG product, and systems engineering and consulting complete the product range.

These can be supplemented with the following standard additional services:





Installation supervision

Functional check

System start-up

Operator training

Installation training URESH-pigging-systems


Operating instructions

Parts list

Functional description

Risk analyses


DQ (Design qualification)

IQ (Instrument qualification)

OQ (Operation qualification)

Upon request, other services such as assistance with the installation, assembly, programming, PQ (process qualification) etc. are available.


Luise Händlmaier GmbH

„ The use of Uresh pigging systems enables a resource-saving, hygienic and economical

production process – Franz Wunderlich, Managing Director “

Alete Kindernahrung GmbH

““Relatively high acquisition costs – which, however, can be quickly
amortized – the right decision! – Bartholomaeus Hoisl, Planning”

Member URESH Symposium Frankfurt

I can not imagine without pigging-system. that does not pay off without pigging-system.