Pigging systems allow more efficient processing of ointments How the Dutch company Tiofarma BV profits from Swiss know-how

Tiofarma BV in the vicinity of Rotterdam is a «manufacturing pharmacist» producing ointments for various pharmaceutical companies, among other products. The specialised company profits from a new filling plant with technology from the Swiss company URESH AG that sets new standards. The double pigging system specially manufactured by URESH cleans the Tiofarma piping system in a highly efficient manner.
The pig ejects the material from the pipes and minimises thus the losses.

Baby food maker ALETE optimizes production with URESH-Pigging-Systems

For over 80 years Alete GmbH (www.alete.de) has been known as a manufacturer of children’s nutrition. The products are made maintaining the highest standards in the dimensions of quality, sustainability, ethics and social responsibility. In addition to the stringent requirements of the raw materials used a rigorously controlled and hygienic …