How does the pig travel in a bend?

Thanks to the glass pipe URESH makes it possible to see how the pig travels in the pipe and in the bend, as well as how the product is completely discharged. Here is the Video

The profitability of a pigging system

Examples from praxis show that an investment of a pigging system is worthwhile and the investment costs are easily paid back within 8-14 months by the savings in product, rinsing costs and time. Here is the Video

SIP application and EHEDG certification of the URESH pig

The patented form of the pig is clearly evident by the behavior in the bends, as well as the possibility to stop and restart the pig at any point in the pipe. Furthermore, the pigging system can be completely sterilized up to 140°C for SIP application. Here is the Video

New series on the technical aspects of pigging

The founder of URESH, Urs Hofer, has years of extensive experience in the application of pigging. With a series of videos, the technical aspects of pigging are highlighted. The first clip answers the question why pigging? Here is the Video

What happens when cocoa or chocolate lines are not pigged…

It is well known that cocoa or chocolate should not come into contact with water during production, but is often forgotten what really happens, if the pipes in production are not emptied. If cocoa or chocolate is not cleared in the pipes, the whole mixture turns into a rock hard …

ProSweets from 2-5 February 2020 in Cologne

URESH AG will participate in ProSweets in Cologne from 2-5 February, the international supplier fair for the confectionery and snack industry. Why the chocolate industry prefers the URESH pigging system over all other systems will be demonstrated in hall 10.1 at stand E040. Find out more about this unique, state-of-the-art …

No visible wear after several hundred pigging runs

Press report, Florin AG, Utelli Stephan A conversation between Stephan Utelli (Ing. FH) Florin AG and Sibylle Ito (Business Development,  URESH AG) about his experience with the installation, commissioning and use of the URESH pigging system. URESH AG, Sibylle Ito: Thank you for the possibility to be able to speak …

Participation IBA 2018, Munich

IBA 2018 (International Bakery Fair, Confectionery and Snacks) in Munich was a real success with more than 77’000 visitors. Together with Technology Unlimited from the Netherlands …

Pigging systems allow more efficient processing of ointments How the Dutch company Tiofarma BV profits from Swiss know-how

Tiofarma BV in the vicinity of Rotterdam is a «manufacturing pharmacist» producing ointments for various pharmaceutical companies, among other products. The specialised company profits from a new filling plant with technology from the Swiss company URESH AG that sets new standards. The double pigging system specially manufactured by URESH cleans the Tiofarma piping system in a highly efficient manner.
The pig ejects the material from the pipes and minimises thus the losses.