Most important influences you experience with pigging in production

Decreasing time for cleaning (CIP, SIP), because with an oversized pig there is less than 0.1mm product/propellant mix left in the pipe, even in all bends!
Increased product quality due to better cleaning (proven with baby food application).
Reduced amount of product needed for more end product, because no manufactured product is wasted (i.e. reduction of food waste; challenge when less initial product is available).

Less energy is needed for the whole process (steam, air, water, electricity…).
Risk of contamination in the pigging line is strongly reduced, because with the URESH pigging system you do not need any valves in the pigging line, even with multiple entries and exits (URESH double pigging system where the pig is used as a valve without any pins).
Increase sustainability, because process handling becomes easier.