URESH Pigging System Symposium 2019


On 10 September 2019 the third URESH Pigging System Symposium took place in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was held in the industrial plant originally built in 1910 and administered by the Hans Peter Zimmer Foundation. At that time it was used by the Consumverein for the production of bakery products.

Sibylle Ito and Urs Hofer hosted the event and discussed the special features of the URESH pigging system, its technical superiority and its cost-effectiveness. With the demo pigging system on site, the application could be presented true to the original.

Moreover, the URESH team could welcome Dr. Jürg Hofmann as guest speaker on the topic of hygienic design and the EHEDG, Günter Schwehm from the company Orbitec about the topic of orbital welding technology in hygienic applications. The latter was also demonstrated with practical application, because orbital welding is essential for proper functioning of a pigging system.

The symposium contained two further presentations about practical experiences. Mr. Bartholomäus Hoisl from Alete uses pigging systems in the production of baby food. Mrs. Inge Terpstra and Mrs. Monique Otto from Tiofarma came from Holland to present their experiences with the pigging system in ointment production.

Overall it was a successful event for the interested professional audience, in such a historical location, which suited perfectly for the symposium and set a counterpoint to the topic of today’s hygienic production.



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