Green Business Award Nominated 2022

Due to the sophisticated technology we are pleased to announce that URESH AG has been nominated for the Green Business Award in Switzerland!

Prevent food waste

From Urs Hofer product groups of the food industry that are ideally pigged: Chocolate / cocoa, dairy products (such as cream, quark, yoghurt, ice cream), ketchup, mustard, fruit concentrate (including apple sauce), bread dough, etc. Here is the Video

It is so easy to safe water in the production process

Pigging is known as the solution to reduce waste, but less often considered for the reduction of energy use and water. Substantial amounts of water for cleaning – CIP or SIP – can be saved in a simple and easy way. Here is the Video

How does the pig travel in a bend?

Thanks to the glass pipe URESH makes it possible to see how the pig travels in the pipe and in the bend, as well as how the product is completely discharged. Here is the Video

The profitability of a pigging system

Examples from praxis show that an investment of a pigging system is worthwhile and the investment costs are easily paid back within 8-14 months by the savings in product, rinsing costs and time. Here is the Video

SIP application and EHEDG certification of the URESH pig

The patented form of the pig is clearly evident by the behavior in the bends, as well as the possibility to stop and restart the pig at any point in the pipe. Furthermore, the pigging system can be completely sterilized up to 140°C for SIP application. Here is the Video

New series on the technical aspects of pigging

The founder of URESH, Urs Hofer, has years of extensive experience in the application of pigging. With a series of videos, the technical aspects of pigging are highlighted. The first clip answers the question why pigging? Here is the Video