Participation IBA 2018, Munich

IBA 2018 (International Bakery Fair, Confectionery and Snacks) in Munich was a real success with more than 77’000 visitors. Together with Technology Unlimited from the Netherlands …

Pigging systems allow more efficient processing of ointments How the Dutch company Tiofarma BV profits from Swiss know-how

Tiofarma BV in the vicinity of Rotterdam is a ┬źmanufacturing pharmacist┬╗ producing ointments for various pharmaceutical companies, among other products. The specialised company profits from a new filling plant with technology from the Swiss company URESH AG that sets new standards. The double pigging system specially manufactured by URESH cleans the Tiofarma piping system in a highly efficient manner.
The pig ejects the material from the pipes and minimises thus the losses.